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Counterstaining with haemotoxylin was carried out by incubation for six mi nute

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 Counterstaining with haemotoxylin was carried out by incubation for six mi nute Empty Counterstaining with haemotoxylin was carried out by incubation for six mi nute

Сообщение  jy9202 в Пн Мар 31, 2014 1:01 pm

And multivariate ana lysis identified GOLPH3 as an independent prognostic factor for DFS. Furthermore, we found that overexpres sion of GOLPH3 could facilitate the cytotoxicity of 5 FU to CRC cells, while knockdown of GOLPH3 hindered the sensitivity of CRC cells to 5 FU induced apoptosis in vitro. These JNJ-7706621 443797-96-4 findings suggested that GOLPH3 modu lates 5 FU sensitivity and may serve as a potential indi cator to predict 5 FU chemosensitivity. GOLPH3, which is a component of the Golgi matrix, has been identified as a novel protooncogene by Scott et al.<br><br> since 2009, Recent clinical studies have indi cated that high levels of GOLPH3 expression promote tumorigenesis and progression of several types of malig nancies, and correlates with poor survival in various cancers, In colon adenocarcinoma, it has been revealed that GOLPH3 is amplified buy LDN193189 at the 5p13 region, It has been showed that tumors with high levels of GOLPH3 were significantly more sensitive to rapamycin treatment in vivo, These findings suggest that GOLPH3 may associate with tumor cell sensitivity to anticancer agents. 5 FU based adjuvant chemotherapy is a standard treatment for patients with stage III to IV CRC, and stage II CRC with a high risk of recurrence, Whether GOLPH3 plays a role in predicting the therapeutic effect of 5 FU for individual patient is our concern. Thus, in this study, we investigated the clinical significance of GOLPH3 in patients treated with 5 FU based adjuvant chemotherapy, and the potential influ ence of GOLPH3 on adjuvant chemotherapy.<br><br> Our study revealed GOLPH3 expression was elevated in CRC tis sues compared with matched adjacent noncancerous tissues. LY2157299 ic50 However, in contrast with other studies, our results showed that high levels of GOLPH3 expression indicated favourable prognosis in patients who underwent 5 FU based adjuvant chemotherapy, suggesting that CRC patients with tumors exhibiting high GOLPH3 exp ression may be more likely to benefit from 5 FU based adjuvant chemotherapy than those with tumors exhibit ing low GOLPH3 expression. Possible explanations for these disparate findings between our study and others may include different genetic features of patients, differ ent types of cancer or variable tumor stages, variable doses and schedules of adjuvant chemotherapy among previous studies, and limited amount of patients in some studies.<br><br> Moreover, although many oncogenes are correlated with cell resistance to chemotherapy, there are still some oncogenes which could enhance chemo therapeutic sensitivity and are correlated with pro longed survival, For example, XB130 has been reported to promote tumor cell proliferation, inhibit apoptosis and increase cell invasion in esophageal squa mous cell carcinoma, lung and thyroid cancer, However, in gastric cancer, patients with higher XB130 expression were found to have a better prognosis. Meanwhile, patients with upregulated XB130 were more sensitive to 5 FU and have a longer survival time, Likewise, Fra 1 and ID1 have been proved to exert oncogenic function in breast and prostate cancers, whereas overexpression of these genes not only predict better survival in cancer patients, but also sensitized cancer cells to different chemotherapeutics, Similarly, although GOLPH3 is a potent oncogene, GOLPH3 expressing tumors were more sensitive to rapamycin, as well as 5 FU in our study.


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