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Whole cell voltage clamp measurements Cells were grown for 1 2 days on 12 mm di

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 Whole cell voltage clamp measurements Cells were grown for 1 2 days on 12 mm di Empty Whole cell voltage clamp measurements Cells were grown for 1 2 days on 12 mm di

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1 M for mic acid. Immunoblotting Aliquots with 30 000 cells were electrophoresed on 6 12% polyacrylamide gels. This was followed by protein electrotransfer to nitrocellulose membranes and immunoblotting with antibodies against phospho Akt, total Akt, phospho オーダー INNO-406 ERK1 2, total ERK, phospho EGFR, total EGFR, phospho Shc, and total Shc, respectively. Immunoreactive bands were visualized with enhanced chemiluminescence using LumiGLO, or infrared ima ging using Odyssey Infrared Imaging System supplied by Licor Biosciences, respectively. Statistical analyses Results are expressed as means standard error of the mean. DNA synthesis data were analyzed by one way ANOVA, and post tests using Bonferroni cor rection to compare groups, using GraphPad Prism. Results were considered significant when p 0. 05.<br><br> Neurotensin has been reported to act as a mitogen in certain colon cell lines. We found that neuroten sin dose dependently induced DNA synthesis in HCT116 cells, reaching a two to three fold increase as compared to basal levels. In contrast, addition of EGF only slightly increased DNA synthesis, which is in agreement with previous data and might be オーダー Lapatinib explained by an autocrine production of EGFR ligands by these cells, masking the effects of exogenously added EGF. Furthermore, concomitant stimulation of HCT116 cells with neurotensin and EGF did not induce any synergistic or additive effect on DNA synthesis. In HT29 cells, EGF dose dependently sti mulated DNA synthesis, whereas neurotensin had no significant effects, neither alone nor in combination with EGF.<br><br> In Panc 1 cells, both neurotensin and EGF stimulated DNA synthesis, as reported previously,. Role of PKC in neurotensin induced DNA synthesis The high affinity NTSR1 receptor is known to activate PLC. Neurotensin was previously shown to elevate Lonafarnib 分子量 intracellular Ca2 in HCT116 cells, and in our experiments neurotensin strongly and dose dependently stimulated accumulation of inositol phosphates in these cells. This strongly implicates PLC in the mechanisms of the cellular response of HCT116 cells to neurotensin. We next pretreated HCT116 cells with the PKC inhibitor GF109203X, and Figure 2B shows that this blocker strongly reduced DNA synthesis. It was also noted that the stimulatory effect of neurotensin on DNA synthesis was of the same magnitude as the effect of the direct PKC activator tetradecanoylphorbol acetate.<br><br> Together, the results suggest a major role of the PLC PKC pathway in the stimulation of DNA synthesis by neurotensin in these colon cancer cells. Role of PKC in neurotensin induced phosphorylation of ERK Neurotensin induced a marked, rapid, and sustained phosphorylation of ERK in HCT116 cells, which appeared to plateau at a concentration of 3 10 nM. Direct activation of PKC by TPA also stimulated ERK phosphorylation. The phos phorylation of ERK in response to neurotensin and TPA was strongly reduced by pretreatment of the cells with GF109203X. In contrast, EGF stimulated ERK phosphorylation was not affected by the PKC blocker. In agreement with previous data neurotensin stimulated ERK phosphorylation in a PKC dependent manner in Panc 1 cells, whereas in HT29 cells, ERK phosphorylation was only slightly attenuated by the PKC inhibitor.


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